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From shop floor to board room, comments of competence of individuals and their performance are heard.

Sometimes we hear “ Karan is a nice guy, he gets the job done successfully”.

“Rahul gets along well with people”.

“Meera understands her responsibilities well”.

“I would love to work under Mr.Saxena, he is so appreciative, inspiring and supportive.”

We also hear “Kumar is good for nothing!” “These people are simply after money, no work”.

More often this individuals can be transformed to excel, by equiping them with people skill and people knowledge.

It has been amply experienced and reinforced through research at Stanford, Harvard and Carnegie foundation that the organizational development/growth is based on the ‘people skill and people knowledge’ possessed by its human resource.

Professional trainer can ensure transformation in attitude and skills to enhance performance, efficiency, productivity, competence and effectiveness of individuals. Most organizations therefore emphasise investment in training as an asset.

Mr. ARVIND KHODE a leading Professional Management Consultant (Corporate Training) offers his exclusive copyrighted training programs for manpower effectiveness and managerial skills Development.

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